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As Yoga teachers we bear a lot of responsibility towards the space we create and hold for our students. We support students through the classes with the intention of observing their individual predispositions and their way of breathing and movement- with accurate cues and adjustments we then ensure a healthy alignment and thus practice. If you want to gain experience our signature class ‘teacher’s space’ is a unique opportunity for you to practice with an experienced teacher who will give you feedback. At the SOULSPACE give new teachers the opportunity to build their experience and support them to bring themselves in with their passion.

We would like to offer you a space where you can teach Yoga in a group with other aspiring Yoga teachers. With our class ‘teacher‘s space’ we would love to support you in your teaching experience so you can practice with some feedback and still develop your very individual style of teaching in a group setting.

An experienced yoga teacher from the SOULPACE will be there to support you on Asana, breath, sequencing, holding space, cues, adjustments and any open questions.

Yoga is about experiencing yourself as part of the bigger picture. If we take this intention to the classes, we already created a wonderful space for students to practice within. Teaching in the end is a matter of practice.

We meet once a month on Saturdays from 2 to 4 p.m. at the SOULSPACE.

Depending on how many participants there will be, teachers teach a yoga lesson from about 15-30 minutes. Everyone else joins in the practice. After each teaching there will be an individual feedback for the teacher.

This class takes place if there is a minimum of 3 teachers, max. 15 people. As this is a practice space, you are invited to bring along friends, family to attend class. They also have to sign up over eversports.

The cost is CHF 20 per person

DATES 2024

27 January / 24 February / 30 March / 27 April / 25 May / 29 June / 27 July / 31 August / 28 September / 26 October / 30 November

Feel free to contact for more detailed information via Email:

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