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Welcome to the Soulspace- a Yoga studio in the heart of Zurich where you can come home to yourself.


The vastness that we cultivate in our practice is supporting us to live and hold life.


Our versatile work addresses the many ways we tend to separate from the experience of our bodies, the natural world, our aliveness and our most basic inner truth. The energy at the Soulspace is there for you to connect to your source energy and to deep dive into practice.


The Soulspace is inspired by nature’s elements. The carefully chosen materials of our props create the conditions for a grounding and expanding experience. Here your innate truth, heartbeat and growth trough practice is honored.


The well equipped space holds possibilities for a variety of practices:

1 big Yogashala
60m2 / 3.35m height

20 mats

20 belts

17 bolsters

30 blocks

4 crystal bowls

well equipped kitchen
no possibility to cook

1 toilet

1 shower

changing room

spacious entry

2 large sliding windows


For a soulful practice we provide yoga mats at the studio from Manduka and Lululemon but we also know how dearly you love your own special mat. if you feel like practising with your personal, or a certain kind of yoga mat, you are more than welcome to bring it to any class- your practice - your choice.


the SOULSPACE is located at Holbeinstrasse 35, 8008 Zürich.

Approximately a 4 minute walk from Stadelhofen station.



The official entrance is located in the back of the building, up the stairs you can find the door and the bell. 



There are two parking lots right in front of the studio. 

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