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A allows you to have a session focusing on your specific needs, such as dealing with an injury or understanding specific asanas. If you’re new to yoga, One.on.One.’s are a great way to build a good foundation.

One.on.One.’s also doable as a One.on.Two. or a One.on.Three or One.on.Family. For Birthdays / Bachelorette and just as Surprises.

Give time. Gift or get a customized yoga practice.


I offer regular classes and workshops, corporate trips and retreats to enhance team spirit. I also travel to your office and meet with your team, providing you with a program tailored to your specific needs.

Give time. Gift or get a customized Corporate yoga practice.


Giving from the heart. I would love to take you onto this journey of receiving and letting go for a deeper state of relaxation and full inner contentment.

Give time. Gift or get a customized Thai Yoga Massage practice.

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