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In today’s world, we face the daily challenges of an intense life. We are constantly looking further outside our center for what could help us. Feeling lost and lonely we become stuck in our mind, no longer trusting our bodies or nature.


We believe that the answers we seek is to be found within us. Our team would like to reattune you to this inner knowingness. How?

Trough practices of breath and movement we get back into conversation with ourselves, to better and sooner feel the too much and the too little in todays world. 


Remember- your journey begins within: Developing a practice to listen and understand yourself to support, sustain, renew and upgrade your system.


‍We seek sensitivity and subtlety in the journey. By quieting the mind and letting go of habits, we can free ourselves from those things that constrain our worlds. 


Let us move from a life motivated by fear to one that is blissful.



Please know that as individual our teachers, also the classes will be. Most of our classes do not require longtime Yoga experience. We will guide you through practice with awareness to both challenge and care for you. Our offerings are functional and contain creative elements to simply feel good- creating the confidence to listen to your body and soul. Let us support you in cultivating the ability to adapt asanas depending on your intention, intuition and individual requirements.

All teaching should support you in the best way possible. Modifications will be offered to support every person. The classes are held in english, swissgerman or german.

Please let us know in advance of your class visit if you don’t have any experience, current or old injuries or  any predispositions we should be aware of.

The following guide helps you pick your class, but is not limited to the below description:




This practice supports you to invigorate your body and mind to begin your day energised and rooted within you. The breath cues as well as the asana practice are carefully chosen to fit your body in its morning state. This class has to be booked 2 hours in advance, no drop in possible.


This class is designed for mothers who want to continue their practice after birth and with baby (up to two years). We focus on specific asanas to create pelvic floor awareness and to hug back towards your midline, your center. The class aims to support your posture, to care and strengthen your back and soothe tense shoulders while being in exchange and in community with other Mamas. You can practice Yoga while your baby is beside you or you can integrate your baby into the yoga practice. We recommend starting this class six to ten weeks after birth (depending on your doctors recommendation).


Our breath is the best support to anchor in the present moment. The way we breathe impacts our lives in many ways. Let the breath guide the movement so that the breathing acts as a bridge between our body, mind and spirit. We integrate a pranayama (breathing practice) and bandha (internal locks) practice to activate life force. The retention of the breath used in this practice is supporting the pranic pressure, to find calmness and steadiness while the breath is still and firmly held (either in or out).


In this Hatha Yoga class (ha = sun, tha = moon) we find balance between strength and flexibility through physical postures, breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation. Letting the breath guide the movement to stimulate the energy within our bodies and allow prana to flow so our mind can find ease. The postures are kept save and simple and are held a bit longer than in a flow class - focussing on building deep strength and flexibility and cultivating that balance over time also off the mat. This class has to be booked 2 hours in advance, no drop in possible.


Creative Vinyasa Flow is for everybody (beginners and more advanced), the name is based on the flowing movement between asanas which challenges not only the body but also the mind. Each flow movement is explained and different modifications applied depending on the skill level and flexiblity. In this way asanas build on each other and progress from simple to more complex movements, while always insuring the correct aligment.

Anyone can join at any time and it’s ideal if you want to get to know the basics of Vinyasa Yoga or improve and refine your alignment.


This is a Yin inspired class every last friday of the month. Take 90 minutes to surrender your spirit, nourish your soul and create space in the body. Please bring some cozy warm clothing & a journal with you.

Forrest Yoga was created by Ana Forrest.
The practice of Forrest Yoga is complete and vigorous. Each practice is designed to be focused on different areas and issues of the body, as you hold the poses and connect to a deep breathing, the practice becomes a movement meditation, where you are aware of sensations, and can start to track and follow stuck emotions and trauma in the body, transforming the experience on the mat into a tool for daily life.
The deep breath work, releasing the neck and the abdominal exercises are fundamental for the practice of Forrest Yoga, to hold and connect during the poses, to strengthen the body and the mind.
Forrest Yoga teaches how to practice with integrity, allowing the students to find their own edges and giving them options in different poses, so one can choose what's best for the physical and emotional injuries during each class.


This time & space is here for all of us- students, teachers, newbies- to connect and exchange, to get to know each others and support each others.


Happy flow is a energising yoga asana class infused with light breath work and meditation. We will journey together through a fluid sequence of hatha yoga poses, using our breath as a guide to free our bodies from challenging emotions and invite positive vibes in. A feel-good class to get more connected to our bodies and let our soul navigate life with lightness.


This class has a continuous energy while practicing different yoga asanas. Letting the breath guide the movement to stimulate the energy within our bodies and allow prana to flow so our mind can relax. The postures are kept save and simple and are held a bit longer than in a flow class- focussing on building strength and flexibility and cultivating that balance over time.


This class has a more fluid and warming energy. Time to let go of the limiting beliefs about our body- take a breath and dive into the body's vast dimensions. Flowing through asanas at a the pace of your breath, deepening the experience of your own practice as you meet some challenges along. Explore a wide range of asanas, carried by the flow of your breath. You can do it!


Journaling is a useful tool for self-reflection - bringing clarity and connection into your life and supporting you on your self-healing journey. In this journaling class, you‘ll be gently guided through multiple types of creative writing prompts, immersed in meditative visualization and sound. Take 75 minutes to come home to your authentic self and connect to your inner world. No experience needed! Please bring your own journal and comfortable clothes.


The „life on hands“ class is one of those practices that make you excited- the heart-over-head kind of feeling. This handstand class improves your overall inversion skills, your balance and deepens the knowledge of your own body in a different perspective. Meet your mental boundaries and expand your horizon, perception, experiences- redefining your fears in an extraordinary way.

As a long time experienced professional, Raffi will support you to feel well and safe and progressively help you to make progress according to your energy. This is not a Yoga class.


The soulspace signature lunch class. To detach, move and unwind for a moment.


This class is for those who seek wholeness, hereness and sweetness of body-mind-breath. SOMA Flow is a medium spiced vinyasa-style class. The intention is to fine-tune the instrument of your body to feel the aliveness and sweetness of being. The journey unfurls layer by layer through embodied breath-guided movements Each class blossoms through the power of INTENTION and ATTENTION.

What is SOMA? Thousands of years ago, Yogis entered states of samadhi (pure awareness) discovering that the most intrinsic rhythms within the body are both fluid and electric. Liquid-electric rhythms were thought to animate the subtle body and were evoked as the deities SOMA (water, moon) and AGNI (fire, sun). SOMA is also a Greek word for: body.

SOMA Flow is inspired by the fluidity of the water element. Each sequence is curated to awaken the shimmering liquid light of your own being. We ride the waves of breath through embodied movement and bathe in the healing frequencies of deep sensory listening.

These classes are invitational and open to all levels. Spicier options are offered for those days you want a little more fire, whilst rest is always encouraged for the days you need to recharge.


This class makes your heart beat- leaving you energised and fulfilled. Juicy joy flow practice- challenging your mind to stimulate our mental boundaries. The postures are conveyed in a safe and simple way, focussing on cultivating a balance between strength and flexibility. Basic yoga experience is recommended. A 'warm body- cool mind' kind of practice!


‍Embrace the warmth and freedom that rises from within, created by movement. Freedom comes as your diving into the vast dimensions of yourself, yet to be explored. Juicy flow with warming asanas to feel our heartbeat, pranayama and a deep savasana. Accurate alignment of body and stillness of mind.


Yoga Nidra is a direct path into a full and complete release of everything that pulls us out of the most precious healing experience we have- it helps us ease into the present moment.Let this class support you in the process of letting go, surrendering, allowing, listening, feeling, being breathed and being. Inside this experience, you meet your purest most essential self.


We encourage you to pre-register through EVERSPORTS APP or directly on our website to guarantee for a spot. Please remember to also check in when you arrive at the studio. 


You can also come by without pre-registring- spaces are limited. Registrations once made can be canceled up to 3 hours before the start of the class via the online reservation system (website or app). Registrations and cancellations by e-mail cannot be taken into account. In the event of late cancellations and/or no-shows, the class will be charged for the subscription. If the desired class is fully booked, the customer can enter himself on the waiting list for the corresponding class. If someone cancels their registration for this class, all customers on the waiting list will receive a push notification that a place has become available. The registration process then takes place as usual with the booking of the class via Eversports according to first come first serve. The registration on the waiting list is non-binding, only the booking of the lesson is obligatory.

We do have a limited number of high quality yoga mats and props for you to use.


Yin Yoga is a slower-paced, more meditative version of Yoga. The practice consists of relaxing long held ground postures, to stimulate and balance the flow of chi (energy) in the connective tissues of the body. Through passive movement, your connective tissue, such as ligaments, joints, and fascia, will lengthen and strengthen. We come into a posture slowly and put the body under temporary distress. We find an appropriate edge, where the body can remain for a while. This challenging and meditative practice can be very transformative, creating a deep sense of calm and encouraging us to release and let go.


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