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a community in bloom


In this circle we dedicate time for continuing education and support. We share insights and knowledge for Yoga teacher’s personal and professional growth learn to trust, elevate and inspire. We foster community, build skills and enrich your toolbox, we enhance teaching skills and your personal well- being, which is so closely linked to you as a teacher.


We empower you and provide guidance. Invest in your growth as a yoga teacher and join our program to take your teaching to new heights, expand your knowledge, and create a lasting impact on your students' lives.

One of the many ways we understand our commitment to our community is that the Soulspace constantly works on developing interesting, supportive and nourishing offers for you based on your feedbacks and needs.


We are a community in bloom - our aim is to support your journey of continuous growth and development as dedicated yoga teachers.

The sense behind the SOULSPACE ACADEMY


At our Yoga Academy, we deeply honor and respect the timeless traditions of Yoga while infusing it with a contemporary approach to the practice of asana, tailored to meet the needs of modern bodies and minds. Our vision is to provide a holistic and balanced experience, integrating the essence of traditional teachings with the practicalities of today's world.

In our carefully curated programs, we emphasize a comprehensive understanding of the asana practice, recognizing that each individual's body is unique, and one size does not fit all. Our approach encourages teachers and students alike to embark on a journey of personal exploration, unearthing the untapped potential within themselves. We believe that every practitioner has the innate ability to uncover their inner strengths and abilities, and our program aims to facilitate this process.

At our Academy, we embrace the principle of unity and interconnectedness, acknowledging that the roles of teachers and students are not fixed but rather fluid and reciprocal. This dynamic allows for a co-creative learning experience, where insights and revelations flow not only from the teacher but also from the students, creating an enriching exchange of knowledge.

Moreover, we recognize the significance of maintaining a harmonious balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of Yoga. Through a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science, we offer a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and its influence on overall well-being. This comprehensive approach sets our graduates apart as well-rounded and compassionate teachers who can cater to the multidimensional needs of their students.

Our commitment to continuous learning and growth extends beyond the classroom. We foster a supportive and nurturing community- what we like to call the teachers collective- providing ongoing mentorship, networking opportunities, and professional development. This continuous support system ensures that our teachers thrive in their careers, inspiring a ripple effect of positivity and transformation in the global Yoga community.

As we traverse the sacred path of Yoga, we honor the roots of this ancient practice while embracing the dynamic evolution of the present. We invite you to join our community of passionate yogis, where tradition meets innovation, and personal exploration is celebrated with open arms. Together, let us embody the true spirit of Yoga and share its profound benefits with the world. Welcome to the Academy - a sanctuary of wisdom, freedom, and growth.

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