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The SOULSPACE's Yoga Teacher Enrichment and Professional Development program on individual basis is designed to provide ongoing support, education, and growth opportunities for existing yoga teachers. This comprehensive program aims to empower teachers with the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to enhance their teaching abilities, deepen their personal practice, and thrive in their professional yoga development. We transparently share insights as full time self employed teachers since many years.

The Yoga Teacher Enrichment and Professional Development program is structured as a series of three modules. Each module focuses on a specific aspect: You, your teaching and the potential.

Growth and development as a dedicated yoga teacher.



Deepen Personal Practice

Cultivate a regular personal practice through advanced asana exploration, pranayama techniques, meditation, and self-reflection. Experience personal growth and transformation that positively influences your teaching.



Explore techniques and practices for self-care, stress management, and maintaining balance in your personal and professional life. Get to know our network and strategies to prevent burnout and cultivate sustainable teaching practice


Challenges and Dimensions

Develop effective strategies to address challenges that may arise during your teaching journey, ensuring a positive and transformative experience for both you and your students. Get to know dimensions yet to be explored.



Enhance Teaching Skills

Refine teaching methodologies, sequencing techniques, cueing skills, and class management strategies. Learn effective ways to create meaningful themes, offer clear instructions, and provide modifications and variations for diverse student needs and individual predispositions. Learn to craft static, dynamic, intelligent and creative sequences, furthering your students' growth and exploration on the mat.


Hands-on Adjustments

Practice and get feedback to hands-on adjustments, enhancing the transformative impact of your teachings and how to support effectively. Elevate your teaching by incorporating effective and customized hands-on to refine your adjustments. Looking at how to weave in props, to support individually.


Teaching Private Lessons

Explore the nuances of teaching private lessons- deepen skills, insights, and confidence needed to dive into the realm of one-on-one teaching, fostering deep connections and tailored experiences for each individual.

Teaching Yoga Retreats

We support you in creating transformative, unforgettable and successful Yoga retreat experiences. We will provide you with comprehensive guidance and support throughout the process.



Individualised feedback

Benefit from the Soulspace's offerings where experienced teachers provide guidance, support, and feedback on your teaching journey. We come to your classes and give you feedback and ideas to weave in. Explore the principles of ethical teaching, set clear intentions, and delve into the motivations that drive your practice.


Personal coaching session depending on your path and vision

We will take time to support you individually, talk openly and share our experience transparently with you.


How to build a sustainable career

Acquire practical insights into establishing a sustainable teaching practice. We will look into your marketing, your services, setting rates, managing bookings, and creating a sustainable business model. Foster a community of like-minded peers to share experiences, resources, and inspiration. Find your unique voice and persona as a yoga teacher, cultivating your personal brand and presence in the digital world.

Ethics and Boundaries

Delve into the ethical considerations of teaching private lessons, including maintaining professionalism, respecting privacy, and setting appropriate boundaries.


There will be no compulsory books, but a recommended reading list. At the end we will issue you a diploma Yoga Teacher Enrichment and Professional Development.

The teacher enrichment and professional development program takes place on an 1:1 basis- mentoring-style- there are only few spots left for this year. Invest in your growth as a yoga teacher and join our program to take your teaching to new heights, expand your knowledge, and create a lasting impact on your students' lives.

​We look forward to supporting your journey of continuous growth and development as a dedicated yoga teacher.



Completed yoga teacher training


Regular self-practice


Physical and mental health & stability


Language skills in english



CHF 1'580

w. Nina Luginbühl

Feel free to contact for more detailed information and registration.

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