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Yoga Teacher in Zurich Seefeld at the SOULSPACE


Sanda was born in Croatia, raised in Switzerland. With her gypsie soul and flowing personality she delivers playful yoga classes. Sequencing is all about inspiration to her. One day she wants you to feel like a warrior and on other days, less is more. Sanda was passionate about meditation pretty early in her life. Being physically very active she later started practicing Asanas and found herself on the path of Yoga. After backpacking and a lot of soul-searching she decided to get her Yoga Teacher Certificate. Her motivation behind teaching is simple. She wants you to see Yoga for what it really is: A path to yourself: “With Yoga we become students for a lifetime. I have a long way to go but this is what I came for!”, she says.

Sanda is a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer. She teaches in Swiss German & English since 2016.

Instagram: @sandadesol

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