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Yoga Teacher in Zurich Seefeld at the SOULSPACE


Thindeka is a yogini and doula who began her yoga journey in her late teens. This introduction to a new language of body, mind and soul led to a world of self-discovery and an eagerness to continue to explore, grow, listen and learn from others. It is this same feeling of self-exploration that she likes to share with her students.


Her interest in people and cultures led to a masters in Tourism in Development which she put to great use working with the likes of UNESCO in Mozambique. But her passion remained yoga and its ability to connect her with people at all levels.


She is fortunate to have begun her training living with swamis and learning the philosophy of Sivananda Yoga. Since then other trainings followed through initiatives like Tribe Yoga.


In nurturing her craft she came across Vipassana meditation which has been fundamental in her learning about being present and surrendering to the now has giving her added tools to be aware of the sensations in the body and surrender to them,

knowing that everything is temporary.

Her classes are intention based, designed in a way that students can feel empowered to trust their bodies and their individual needs, explore their own kindness and growth and hopefully take that energy when they leave the class.

Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga, Deep Flow

Specialises in: Hatha Yoga, Postnatal, Prenatal, Yoga with baby

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