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Christina is a life explorer, sea seeker, mountain peaker and forest keeper. She is also a sports scientist, a movement therapist and an outdoor guide. Her career as a movement professional and therapist started with a certification as a Pilates instructor in 2006 during her studies at the University of Bern. To this day, she is part of the educator team and is in ongoing formation as an ambassador for Slings Myofascial Training. In 2010 she completed her Master of Science in Sports Science. 'Through her openness to modalities outside the 'yogic' realm, she constantly finds a new appreciation for the human body, the mind and the soul, for their interplay and union.


Over the last 12 years she has been offering retreats, teaching workshops, organizing as well as teaching for festivals and leading teacher trainings. Since 2014 she is in the organizing team of Guerilla Yoga Bern 1, a non-profit charity project. Starting in 2018 she's in ongoing training for a Certificate in Advanced Studies (CAS) in Movement and Sports Therapy with modules in oncology, heart disease, mental illness and more. Christina likes to complement her science-based and practical trainings with an interest in energy work and holds a Reiki 1st level certificate with Reikigarden 1 since 2021 (to be continued).

Instagram: @chrisyogabern

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