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In her classes, Céline loves to create a safe space where everyone feels welcome. Combining body, mind and heart is an important part of her classes. She's teaching vinyasa classes with hatha and yin elements.

By combining movement and breathing, we create a deeper connection to ourselves, we can focus on ourselves and allow ourselves to relax and let go. Including meditation and pranayama into the class allows us to balance in an integral way.

Her true intention is to help and support people to get their own connection back. Feeling they are safe, strong and powerful as they are. There is so much potential in each of us.

'Reconnect with yourself and feel your true strength'.

Céline is a 600h RYT and Reiki Healer. She provides 1:1 Yoga and Reiki sessions and as well Yoga group sessions. She has completed a Yoga Philosophie Deep Dive course and a Pelvic Floor basic course. Céline supports as a Trainer in Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Instagram: @iamceline.s

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