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In this circle we dedicate time for continuing education and support. We share insights and knowledge for Yoga teacher’s personal and professional growth learn to trust, elevate and inspire. We foster community, build skills and enrich your toolbox, we enhance teaching skills and your personal well- being, which is so closely linked to you as a teacher. We empower you and provide guidance. Invest in your growth as a yoga teacher and join our program to take your teaching to new heights, expand your knowledge, and create a lasting impact on your students' lives.

One of the many ways we understand our commitment to our community is that the Soulspace constantly works on developing interesting, supportive and nourishing offers for you based on your feedbacks and needs. We are a community in bloom- our aim is to support your journey of continuous growth and development as dedicated yoga teaches.

The art of Yoga Hands-on assists through connection and touch

Join us for an immersive and transformative program on Yoga Hands-on adjustments and assists! Let us empower teachers with awareness and skills to provide intelligent and effective assists to their students during yoga classes. Discover the art of skillful touch and deepen your understanding of alignment, safety, and connection to your breath and yoga practice. This workshop is designed for yoga teachers, aspiring teachers, and dedicated practitioners. Expand your teaching toolkit and deepen your connection with your students as you guide them toward a more embodied and transformative yoga experience.

Empowering touch


Comprehensive Curriculum: Immerse yourself in a carefully crafted curriculum that covers topics like the principles of hands-on adjustments, ethical considerations, consent, and communication.

Experienced Faculty: Learn from Nina, full time Yoga teacher and Thai Yoga Massage therapist since many years. She will share her valuable knowledge through experience of teaching. She will guide you through various techniques and provide personalized feedback to help you refine your skills.

Hands-on Practice: Engage in hands-on practice where you will have the opportunity to give and receive adjustments. Explore different yoga poses (including Savasana) and gain confidence in your ability to offer safe, supportive, and effective adjustments to students of all levels. Synchronize Flow- let us learn Yoga Hands-on assists for seamless transitions.

Intuition, intention & alignment: Connecting to your intuition and cultivating a clear intention to cultivate presence and intention in assists. Deepen your understanding of alignment principles as they relate to hands-on adjustments. Discover how subtle shifts in alignment can create profound changes in a student's experience and assist in their journey toward greater alignment and body awareness.

Adaptive Adjustments: Learn how to adapt adjustments to different body types, injuries, and physical limitations. Discover modifications and variations that make yoga accessible to a diverse range of students, ensuring inclusivity in your teaching approach.

Verbal Cueing and Energetic Adjustments: Explore the power of verbal cueing and energetic adjustments to create a holistic and transformative experience for your students. Discover how words, intention, and energetic touch can enhance the connection between teacher and student.

Ethical Considerations and Consent: Delve into the importance of creating a safe and inclusive space for students. Gain insights into establishing clear boundaries, obtaining consent, and cultivating trust and respect in your role as a yoga teacher.

Teaching Integration: Explore how to seamlessly integrate hands-on adjustments into your teaching methodology. Discover ways to incorporate adjustments effectively, ensuring they support and enhance the student's experience rather than distract from it.

Limited spaces are available.



Welcome to the first Yoga Retreat Empowerment program, where we are dedicated to supporting and empowering yoga teachers in creating transformative, unforgettable and successful Yoga retreat experiences.

We understand that organizing a Yoga retreat involves a unique set of skills, knowledge, and resources. Our program is specifically designed to provide you with comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire process.

We are passionate about supporting yoga teachers like you in sharing the transformative power of yoga in beautiful and inspiring settings. As experienced teachers of Yoga Retreats worldwide we are happy to share our longtime experience of creating Retreats in Switzerland and abroad.

Yoga Retreat Empowerment Program 


Designing the Experience

We assist you in developing a well-rounded and immersive retreat curriculum that aligns with your teaching style, expertise, and the needs of your participants. Our experienced team will help you craft a balanced blend of yoga classes, workshops, meditations, massages, excursions, and other enriching activities to create a holistic and inspiring Retreat program. We wave in our network of partners that could support your Retreat experience.

Retreat Logistics

From selecting the ideal retreat location to managing accommodations, transportation, and logistics, we offer expert guidance to ensure a seamless and hassle-free retreat experience. Our team will provide valuable insights and resources to help you make informed decisions and create an exceptional retreat environment.


We understand the importance of effective and early marketing to create a successful experience. Our program provides strategies and resources for creating retreat descriptions, eye-catching promotional materials, and organic marketing. We will support your in using social media and other marketing channels.


Participant Management

We offer tools and techniques for managing participant inquiries, registrations, and communications- or we do it for you! Our program equips you with the necessary skills to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, address participant concerns, and ensure a positive experience for all retreat attendees.

Financial Management

Managing finances and setting appropriate pricing for your retreat can be challenging. Our program provides you with negotiation skills and guidance on budgeting, cost estimation, and financial planning to help you ensure a sustainable and profitable retreat venture. We will share insights on pricing strategies, payment processing, and financial tracking to assist you in making informed financial decisions.


Leading the Retreat & creating the experience

We believe in creating transformative experiences for retreat participants. Our program offers suggestions and support to enhance the overall retreat experience, including ideas for theme integration, guest teachers, special events. We wave in our network of partners that could support your Retreat experience. We encourage creativity and innovation to make your retreat a truly exceptional and memorable journey.


Ongoing Support and Networking

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with the program. We provide ongoing support, mentorship, and access to a community of like-minded yoga teachers. You will have the opportunity to connect with other retreat organizers, share experiences, seek advice, and collaborate, fostering a supportive network of fellow teachers.

By joining our Yoga Retreat Empowerment program, you gain access to a valuable knowledge and a hub of experience, resources, and support to create outstanding yoga retreat experiences.

Embark on this exciting journey with us and let us help you turn your vision into a reality. Get ready to create extraordinary yoga retreat experiences that leave a lasting impact on the lives of your participants!

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