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Yoga Teacher in Zurich Seefeld at the SOULSPACE


Simone (Simi) Merkli has been practicing Yoga for 15 years. First it was part of her professional ballet education at the Theater Basel and only a kind of supplementary training - later she discovered the diversity of Yoga and its numerous benefits for body and mind during a longer stay in Holland. In 2016, Simi completed the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours) with Zuna Yoga in Bali and added a Yin Yoga training in Basel.

The unique feeling and connection of a healthy, moving body together with a calm and relaxed mind makes Yoga for Simi so „magical“. Taking and teaching classes and learning from other teachers as well as her students remains an important and very valuable part of her everyday life.


In her classes and retreats, Simi offers a space where students can feel safe, comfortable, sometimes challenged but happy and connected to their body, breath and mind. Her classes are physically strong and flowy.

Yoga Style: Vinyasa, Power Flow, Yin Yang

Specialises in: Corporate and sports associations (team and individual sports)

Instagram: @simis_by_simone_merkli

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