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Shona attended her first Yoga class back in 2013, when she had just started her psychology studies. Over the years yoga has become an integral part of her everyday life. Not only does the practice benefit her physical health, it further supports her to keep a clear mind in a fast paced world.

It was her strong desire to share the many virtues of yoga with others as well as to deepen the practice that led her to complete a 250h teacher training at AirYoga in Zurich with some brilliant teachers (Stephen Thomas, Claire Dalloz, Manuela Peverelli, Christina Eggenschwiler).

Her classes are all about 'Abhyasa' (=effort) and 'Vairagya' (= surrender). It is only through movement and repeated effort that change can happen. At the same time we must hold stillness and learn to surrender for things to grow.

Shona teaches in English or (Swiss)German.

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