For Roberto, Yoga is a love story that began almost 20 years ago on a trip to India, and that has not let go of him ever since. To perceive and discover one's own body again and again, to explore the connections with the mind.He loves the aesthetics of the yoga posture and the inner attitude associated with them. As a former soccer player, the transition from sports to yoga felt light to Roberto. As he says- the O-legs and a few shortened tendons remained- but also the condition and stamina. 

Roberto is experienced and trained in a wide variety of yoga styles, massages and rituals and has spent many years in Ashrams,  Buddhist meditation centers as well as in Vipassana retreats during Ayahuasca/San Pedro and Kambo ceremonies. In his yoga classes he integrates all the elements which have been given and helpful to him on the path so far.

Instagram: @touchandrituals