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Yoga Teacher in Zurich Seefeld at the SOULSPACE


Born and raised in Switzerland Nikki discovered Yoga in 2012. The more she practiced the more she realized how beneficial this practice is to her understanding of her body, her life, her career and her surroundings. “Grow into a better version of yourself – day after day”, is her personal mantra.

She lives in Zurich, where her heart, her friends and her home base is. She sparks from spending time in warm places close to the ocean, where she can combine her yoga practice with good surf – possibly every day.

Her classes are a breath based combination of movement and meditation to help her students dropping into their body and out of their mind. In her teaching she aims to bring a feeling of lightness, acceptance and strength to her students. She holds a 200hrs Vinyasa and 100hrs Yin Yoga certificate, has trained in feminine empowerment and self-activation and is currently in her 300hrs Hatha training.

Instagram: @nikkki_june

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