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After her ballet training and six years in the parisian fashion, she works as a freelance hair and makeup artist in Zurich and is a mum to two wonderful boys.


While being pregnant in 2013 she discovered Yoga. It felt like a reconciliation with her body, an arrival within herself- Yoga has helped her in many life situations ever since.


For her it feels like a "dry swim" for everyday life. Yoga teaches to come into the here and now, to constantly practise to surrender, to experience situations value-free and to trust the process. The union of breath and movement helped Nicola to find balance in life.


Inspiring teachers such as Stephen Thomas, Manuela Peverelli, Nina Isabel, Natalija Fallocca Bajric, Michael Hamilton, Emily Mergaert, Chiara Castellan, Simona Gaborelli, Doug Keller, Claire Dalloz or Christina Eggenschwiler have awakened her desire to share the love of yoga with others.


Nicola took a 250h teacher training at Airyoga in Zurich as well as a 30h Yin teacher training with Julie Montagu & Emily Mergaert.


It is important for Nicola to create a safe space where you can find peace and yourself.

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