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Janette’s curiosity about life inside and outside of her guided her to find the path of Yoga. She started to practice yoga in 2010, through the practice, She acknowledged that by connecting to her physical body, She could tap into her own emotional trauma, and use the breath in the postures to move stuck energy. By staring her life healing process, she became fascinated about the body and the information that stores within, then she was motivated to share her experience by teaching yoga and guide those who want to dive into their own healing process.

She took her first vinyasa teacher training in Boston in 2015, followed by a Forrest yoga teacher training in Berlin in 2017, as well as other trainings around the world.

Janette teaches Forrest Yoga and is a Reiki practitioner.

She lives a life inspired and that incorporates Buddhist philosophy.

She believes that vulnerability is the most precious and brave way we can live fully in this life experience.

Yoga Style: Forrest Yoga

Specialises in: Reiki, Bodywork and Forrest Yoga


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