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14 JANUARY 2022

Let's gather in the winter season to release and recharge - to dive into the wisdom of the female body.

We start with a medical impact session to learn how to translate and interpret the sage and sometimes hidden signs of our body.


Let's take a look at the four seasons of the female cycle and in a woman's life.

We then unwind and internalise in a yoga practice that connects us to the root and sacral chakra.

Observe & embrace the wisdom of your body.

14.00–15.15 Medical Impact Session Female Body Wisdom

w. Priska Christen, Pharmacist and Co-Founder of Villa Margarita.

15.15–16.30 Rooting practice to connect to the root and sacral chakra and honour its vital energy. Breath, Meditation and Yoga with Nina.

['Winter' is part 1 of 4 seasonal Impact Sessions in 2023]

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