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Yoga Teacher in Zurich Seefeld at the SOULSPACE


In 2007 Eliane took her first Yoga class during her first pregnancy. Since then, Yoga has been part of her life. In 2020 she completed the 250 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Stephen Thomas. She lives in the city of Zurich with her husband and three children.

For her, Yoga is a dance between effort and devotion - always in harmony with breathing, which anchors her in the here and now. The words in the Yoga Sutra, the guideline of classical Yoga, formulated around 2000 years ago by the Indian scholar Patanjali, shaped her Yoga practice: "Yogas chitta vritti nirodha" (Yoga is bringing the thoughts to rest). Meditation, pranayama and asanas lead her towards this goal.

Instagram: @gardeneli

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