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9-13 JANUARY 2023



For students and teachers with established practices, this is a chance to explore the joy and challenge of deep personal practice, and to explore insights into various themes and techniques in the Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.


Practice is grown and understanding comes through the regular, repetition of technique and the capacity to surrender over a long period of time. Discipline, patience and endurance are therefore key ingredients.


But there are special times when it is absolutely invaluable to create a deep shift through an intensive focused period of work.


Each morning begins with Chants, Intention and then transitions into a long Pranayama, Kriya and Meditation practice. We take a short tea break and then dive into some wonderful variations in the Restorative and Strong, dynamic Forms of the physical practice. There will be clear direction on modifying and balancing the practices to match the needs of the student so that personal evolution can take place.


Each day builds progressively on the last. The program will look at the practices in a holistic way including reviewing some philosophical perspectives to better understand our approach to Yoga.

Booked as a 5-day event only.

Feel free to contact for more detailed information.

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