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Ankit Kokil is a Yoga teacher hailing from India, with a wealth of experience in the field of Yoga practice. With 15 years of personal yoga practice and 5 years of teaching experience in both India and Europe, Ankit has honed his skills and expertise in Hatha Yoga. He did 500 hr TTC in India and had represented India at world yoga conference and championships held at Rome Italy in 2009.

With having cultivated his knowledge in a teacher-student environment, Ankit understands the importance of a nurturing and supportive atmosphere in the practice of yoga. He is known for his unique and simplified approach to sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise. Ankit's journey has taken him to various studios in Italy and Spain. His passion for yoga and his commitment to helping others has made him an instrumental figure in the yoga community. Ankit’s teaching style is characterized by his ability to blend traditional wisdom with contemporary approaches, creating a harmonious balance between the mind, body, and spirit. His classes are not only physically invigorating but also focus on mindfulness, breath-work, and relaxation.


Join Ankit on a transformative journey as he guides you through the path of yoga, helping you cultivate strength, flexibility, and inner peace. Experience the benefits of his unique teaching style and embark on a holistic journey towards wellness and self-discovery.

Instagram: @ankitkokil

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