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the SOULSPACE Yoga Teacher Alejandra


Alina is a strong believer that yoga extends beyond just practicing asanas. She typically initiates her classes with a brief satsang (talk) centered on yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, or other relevant topics aimed at aiding students in delving deeper into themselves. During the flow portion of her classes, Alina emphasizes dynamism, incorporating numerous circular rotations of shoulders and legs, fostering connection to the core, and emphasizing breath awareness while engaging in fluid movements. She strives to keep each class unique, promising a fresh experience every time, complete with precise cues and ample assistance, perhaps even including a gentle massage during Šavasana. Alina‘s educational background includes Hatha Vinyasa RYT 500 certification, along with coursework in yoga philosophy, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and Shadow Yoga.


Alina‘s robust Vinyasa class seamlessly integrates elements of Ayurveda, Hindu myths, philosophy, and poetry into a dynamic physical practice. Suitable for practitioners of all levels, her hands-on teaching style fosters a supportive environment that stimulates both body and mind. Infused with humor, her class transcends the ordinary workout, offering a joyful escape that leaves participants feeling energized and inspired.


Instagram: @surya.side.up


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