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the SOULSPACE Yoga Teacher Alejandra


In Alejandra's classes, expect a blend of strength, grace, and mindful movement. Guided by the philosophy of progress and personal growth, she weaves together sequences that lead students on a journey towards a peak pose.

Each class is thoughtfully designed to prepare the body and mind, building a solid foundation and encouraging students to explore their edges, tap into their inner strength, and cultivate the necessary skills to embody the peak posture.

Alejandra's teaching style is empowering and supportive. She creates a safe space for students to explore their boundaries, embrace challenges, and cultivate a deeper mind-body connection. She encourages students to trust the process, honor their bodies, and experience the joy and fun of progress and achievement.

She teaches in English, and provides both individual and group sessions.


Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow

Specialises in: Progressive sequencing. Dynamic, creative, and playful Yoga flows.


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