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Since young days Aida had deep inner enquiries about the embodiment of this being, eager to know how beyond what is told. Graduating in music and audiovisual arts a strong call for innate connection to mother nature as well as to human being brought her nomadic soul traveling places. Away from cites, she got to yoga practice and studies visiting India and elsewhere in Asia and Europe, and soon after through Thai yoga massage and Shiatsu entered the world of sacred bodywork.


Aida’s classes are based on classic Hatha yoga which over the years got more fluidity, allowing space to naturally unfold during the practice as a metamorphic experience where challenges are approached in a calm and nourishing way. She also offers grounding Yin yoga classes often accompanied with poetry and other insights.


Aida also offers Shiatsu that support the body-mind to return to a natural state of flow and harmony.

Instagram: @pureselfaida

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