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25 – 31 DECEMBER 2023

This Home Yoga Retreat is a support for self-care, to create space for your growth. It offers an inspiring set of tools that encourage you to be the most authentic version of yourself! Have faith in the unknown!

For the fourth year in a row this Home Yoga Retreat is a virtual cocoon for you to unravel what you have been cultivating inside and what has been growing underneath the visible. Take time to honour your health and healing, to re-align with what is good for you and your purpose. This virtual cocoon is a safe place to gather to recover your body and connect you to your inner, intuitive power to build spiritual depth, keep your mind healthy and strengthen your trust in yourself and your innate wisdom.

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As we transition into a new year 2024 we are being reminded that we can allow ourselves to dream, to rest, to dive deep, as we are becoming part of this new world that arises.

Through the loving practices of yoga, meditation and breathing practices (pranayama), yin & restorative, yoga nidra and other insights, we observe the nervous system in a state of deep and profound rest and recovery.

Align and revive your nervous system. Everything you're experiencing is here to help you awaken. We are nature - and if we allow ourselves so be in-synch and participate in what she is presenting to us in this time and where we live, our body and mind will receive this as deeply nourishing, Nature is withdrawing in winter to return back in spring of the next year in full energy and bloom. Now is the time to prepare, to reflect, to release the old and nourish our inner light, to heal and connect in mindful gratitude - and to savour the shifts.


Experience your depth of being that can only come from a calm presence.

We will begin our Cocoon Experience on the 25th of December.

Teachers: Nina & Christina


You can access the practices at all time


You can start and pause whenever it feels good to you


The set up is just a suggestion


It is your space to create

After signing up, you will receive all the essentials you need.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.



CHF 188

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